Morskie Oko: Poland’s Natural Beauty

Anyone who knows me, knows how passionate I am about nature, especially places where you are in the middle of nowhere, and can be relaxed, enjoying the silence and breathing some fresh air.

For this reason, during a trip to Poland last April, my family and I could not miss the opportunity to visit the Morskie Oko (Sea Eye in Polish), a lake in the Tatra Mountains, close to the boarder of Poland with Slovakia. Continue reading “Morskie Oko: Poland’s Natural Beauty”



Last June, a friend and I decided to take advantage of the cheap Ryanair plane tickets from Lisbon to Luxembourg, and decided to fly there to visit the country, one of the smallest in Europe.

Luxembourg is quite a small country, with around 2,586 km2 , and similarly its capital, Luxembourg City, will not take more than 2 days to visit. For that reason, and the fact that, no matter in which point you are in Luxembourg, you are always less than 60 km away from either Belgium, Germany or France, we also decided to visit one of these countries.

France was the chosen country, and Strasbourg the chosen city. Continue reading “Strasbourg”


While on Erasmus, one of my favourite things to do was travelling with friends. It is the perfect way to get to know each other better at an initial level, and after a while provides some great bonding experiences.

So to end our Erasmus semester the best way possible, 7 of my closest exchange friends and I decided to take a last trip together to Copenhagen.

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A bit more than 3 months have already gone by (too quickly in my honest opinion!) since the exciting (although a bit scary at first) Erasmus experience started. And honestly I could not have asked for a better one! New country, new culture, new city, new adventures, new people, new life. Everything is new and actually, that is the greatest thing ever.

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